Subwoofers are an easy way to add some critical bass to your system. They can choose a movies and music audio a lot better and more highly effective. However , connecting a subwoofer to your home audio tracks setup could be a bit complicated.

Thankfully, you can connect your subwoofer to your AUDIO-VIDEO receiver easily using the high-level or low-level outputs that the receiver offers available. This will ensure you get the most out of the speaker system.

How to Attach a Bass speaker or subwoofer with Early spring Clips or perhaps Speaker Cable Connections

Many subwoofers incorporate some sort of spring video or phone speaker wire connection, so you can easily connect them to your amplifier. This is a great approach to beginners, and it will save you the trouble of aiming to figure out which in turn input your amp features.

Tips on how to Hook Up a Speaker Level Input along with your Amp

Most contemporary stereo and home theatre receivers have a built-in speaker level input that will agree to speaker cables. This makes it easier than ever to connect your speakers plus your subwoofer alongside one another.

How to Connect a Subwoofer with a Neutrik Speakon Cable tv

Most house audio gear has a Neutrik Speakon connection that can be used to get in touch a bass speaker directly to the amplifier. This connector is also commonly present in many car audio systems.

To line the subwoofer, you may need a bare grounding cable, as well as two speaker wires. You’ll want to connect the negative side within the wire to one terminal in the subwoofer box and the confident side to the other. Next, you’ll need to connect the positive and negative speaker electrical wires from your bass speaker or subwoofer to the positive and detrimental slots on your amplifier. Finally, you will need to connect the land wire from the subwoofer to the slot labeled ‘ground’ on your amp.

Methods to Hook Up a Subwoofer on your AV Recipient